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Friday, February 4, 2011

All you need is Love for St. Jude, Sweets, and Snow

Minden is the best town EVER to live in.  Our love for the kids of St. Jude is OVERFLOWING.  We have had so many children from our community diagnosed with the big C it's unbelievable.  So for 35 years now we have held a 4 day auction to raise money to help find a cure for this devastating disease.  This year, I had an idea for our preschool to get involved.  Because family is so important to all of our teachers, we thought it might be fun to gather items for Family Fun Night and make baskets to donate to the auction.  This is a picture of what we received.  I was so proud of our prek families!  You can go to to take a peek at the list of items available for raffle and GO SHOPPING!

The love for sweets came from My girls at School.  Casey brought oatmeal bars from Wendy's on Monday as my birthday breakfast and this cake!..... OH MAN is my favorite.  Tori made this pound cake and Chocolate  YUMMY!  They made me feel so special!

Every year I try to get a few items together, that I either make or buy.  This is a picture plaque that I made.  Hope it gets a good home.

Yesterday, we got some snowy love at preschool so Sophie got to go out with her class and run in it for a little bit.  Here she is with her buddies enjoying the CCCCCOLD!

I couldn't get a good still pic of her.  She just wanted to run!

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