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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elvis on Valentine's Day!

I was sitting at my station at school and all of a sudden, Tori comes rushing out with camera in her hand. What in the world!  Here comes my sweet Elvis impersonating father in law, singing to me!  Now this has NEVER happened before.  

I was a little embarrassed but felt very special!  He always brings me flowers but never has he sung to me on Valentine's. 

Sophie got in on it too!  Funny thing was, she acted like he was in his everyday clothes, she is so used to seeing Poppy dressed as Elvis!

What a sweet surprise to find a heart basket full of goodies on our doorstep from our sweet little Balkom girlfriends.

Working hard on that list.

Got a little edible bling on V-day!


  1. How this story!!
    Thanks for entering the SHabby Apple giveaway!

  2. Oh my, too funny!!!! What a neat surprise!! Love Sophie's signature on that valentine too, so very sweet.