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Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Valentine Entry

Our church has a women's group that gets together once a month.  For January, they had a recipe swap.  My hubby loves Buttermilk Pie and we just so happened to get a recipe for that.  So Lily and I decided to make 2 pies for Valentine's Day.  One for her daddy and one for my daddy and brother.

Why an 8 year old loves to crack an egg I will never know.

Her prize for Valentine's was a cute little apron I found at Charming Charlie!  How fitting!  Did I plan that?  Maybe.

So here is our finished product and out little recipe card that we got.

Nene and Daddy T bought tie blankets for the girls to make for their Valentine's prizes.  Turns out, that little activity was more rewarding for me than for them.  My Lily just talks and shares when she is creating.  I got to get busy on a long list of things we can create in the teenage years.

So here is the finished product on that little project.  They love their new blankies!  These are at Walmart in the craft section.  All you do is cut and tie!

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  1. Your pie turned out so perfect!! I've never heard of a buttermilk pie but I'm thinking I need to try one! Thanks for sharing :)