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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Artist Edition!

As a donation to our annual St. Jude Auction, I contributed an art party.  On the right, is the winner of the party.  So we painted butterflies for her birthday!  Too cute, huh?  We painted bubble wrap and printed it on the canvas for the background.  Then painted the butterflies on top.

In one of my earlier art classes, my students painted George Rodrigue's Blue Dog.  Scott had a business trip to take during our Spring Break, so we went with him.  He found the Blue Dog Cafe for us to eat lunch!  It was the coolest place!  The food was GREAT too!

Behind Sophie you see Patriotic Blue Dog.

Behind Lily you see Business Blue Dog!

The Blues Brothers are behind Scott's head and my favorite is behind bald guy's head.

Blue Dog is Everywhere!  

We love you, Blue Dog!!!

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