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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hodge Podge Post

Had to put this little attitude pic from fishing the other day.  Couldn't get it to download before.  That's her "I got a fish" dance!

Mrs. Jessica asked on her blog:, what makes you smile ear to ear? the other day.  This is another thing that makes me smile ear to ear.  I love to see them sitting together and Lily reading to her little sister.  Makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

Here is NeNe and Lily on their way to a Youth Missions fair.  NeNe loves to be involved in her babies lives!!!!

This makes me smile too!  Sophie can always find something to do with a Happy Meal Box!

Here is Derder showing Lily how to 2 step!  The girls love their DERDER!!!!

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