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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Family Wedding!

My sweet Uncle Allen got married a week and a half ago, to one of the nicest ladies I have ever worked with in my life!  We are so happy for them.  There is a little story behind the picture below.  If you look real close, my mom is making a funny face.  She is the one in the black and white jacket and brown hair.    During the ceremony Bro. Leland made the statement that God put these two together, but that someone in this room might take credit for it.  That would be my mom.  She introduced Carolyn to my uncle.  What a match!!!!

So mom and dad got to be there witnesses.  What an honor!

Here is our BIG ol family, and that isn't ALL of us!

Here is Derder at the kiddie table, with Sophie and Jakers.

Always gotta snag a pic when we're dressed up!

Lily loves to visit with her boy cousins!

This is one of my favorite pics.  I was honored to be asked to take the wedding pictures.  This shows the couple's true happiness from the day.

My mom is just beeming and so is Uncle Allen!

Look at that sweet couple.  It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day!

And look at these beauties with their daddy!  Had to catch this one too!!!!

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  1. Such sweet, sweet pics!!! Love the picture of the girls with their daddy and the one of you & Scott - you two are always so photogenic! And I love your pin...did you make it??? Tutorial, please! :)