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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey, Mike!!!

So on our little trip to Baton Rouge, Scott decided it was time for us to meet Mike the Tiger.  He had seen him many times, but us girls have never mat him.  Scott is the best daddy ever!!!  He enjoys coming up with surprise experiences for his girls, me included.  We are so spoiled!!!

A friend of mine was talking to me about her children and things they used to do and one of them was taking them to different college campus' so they could see what colleges were.  So I guess this is our first visit.  Not that we played it up real big as that, but now they can say they have seen a college campus.

Everybody has to have a pic on Mike.  I even have one of Scott riding Mike tucked away somewhere!

This one is funny, but the next one is even funnier.  Check out Sophie's face.  It looks like she is taking pleasure in Mike eating Lily's head.

That is one fierce face, isn't it?

But then look at this big ol cat.  This is what Mike does when Sophie is screaming WAKE UP MIKE!!! It was hilarious!  She started yelling at him and just flipped is paw over his face, like, Would you be quiet!!!

Memories, Memories!!!

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