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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Krewe of Glenbrook

We joined the Glenbrook family during, probably, the busiest week possible.  Monday we tested and turned in our float. Tuesday was Lily's first full day.  Wednesday was her first field trip to a local church to perform a skit she had a line in and had a pizza party.  Thursday was the school's Lip Sync Contest.  Friday was the BIG Parade.  We knew we had to have a costume for the skit wednesday and Friday.  

So we just planned to wear something we already had.  Then a Sweet Friend, Dr. Elizabeth Phillips, just so happened to have 2 of the same costume, her daughter was wearing.  She offered it to us and we accepted it.  LOOK HOW CUTE!  Lily was soooo excited.

It's only in a small town that a local doctor, takes such heart to her patients.   She is the best pediatrician in the WHOLE WORLD!

Here is the best MOM in the WHOLE WORLD!  She took a half day from work to see Lily in her first big event at her new school.  Since I took the day for her testing, I couldn't take another day in the same week.  

NeNe brought the BEST 4 year old in the WHOLE WORLD to see her big sissy's event.

There's Adeline, the friend that shared her costume.

There is Lily and one her new friends.  She used to dance and go to 3 year old preschool with her.  But they don't remember that.

Even the Main Krewe in our community visited and threw beads during the program.

This Lady and I have history.  I used to work with Mrs. Freda the seamstress at Hers Bridal, when I was in college.  Gotta love this bird.

There is Sophie watching the parade.

On the float, throwing out goodies.  She was so good to her sissy.  She gave Sophie her ditty bag, umbrella, beads and a stuffed gator.

Having the best time!!!!

Lily has definitely started a new chapter in her life.  I think this one is going to be a fun one to experience!

Nene took the BEST pictures for momma.  I am so thankful!!!!

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  1. Such fun pics!!! And WOW, that was a busy week! So happy for you guys that the transition is going so well! =)