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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Credit on Kate Landers Events!

So I entered a little party planning contest on Kate Landers Event Planning Blog a few months ago.  It was announced that a winner would be chosen for the best vintage themed child's party.  Should be authentic and unique.  So I asked my mom about her birthday parties as a child and what kinds of things she loved.  I was surprised to find out that she had no parties growing up.  Which makes me sad, since this is one of the most favorite things I do as a mom: CELEBRATE the days my girls were born!
Anyway, I planned out a Retro Meet the Liddle Kiddles Doll Party.  It was going to be sort of a runway show of vintage fashion.  
I visited the blog today to find that I didn't win, however, there were hundreds of entrants and I got a little shout out.  If you scroll way down to the more ideas part: you will see Laura with my idea.  No blog address or anything, just a shout out.  Kinda neat that my little idea at least go t a mention out of all the possibilities.  So I will take it.  It was fun dreaming it up anyway!
Mom's birthday was this past week and we did celebrate with ice cream cake, one of her favorites!
Happy Birthday MOM!

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  1. Oooooh, CONGRATS!! I LOVE KLE! Kate is just the sweetest!