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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Campaigning for Uncle Der Der

Last night, we put on our Vote for Deric Tees and headed out to the First MHS football game of the season.  The girls helped pass out 250 fans for the hot fans of MHS!  They had so much fun helping their uncle!

Minden Athletic made our t-shirts for us.  They are the best custom t-shirt makers ever!  
And they are quick too!

I think we may have a TIDER at heart.  Sophie didn't want to just hand out fans, she wanted to watch the cheerleaders and Louisiannes perform too.  So NeNe, Daddy T, and DerDer took her to see the game!  She came home so wound up with SPIRIT (and a little bit of sugar from the Skittles)!

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  1. Regardless of the outcome, super proud of your brother for running such a clean race! Too bad Minden is still hard headed when it comes to change :( One day!