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Monday, September 27, 2010

Handprint Art

This weekend I did a mommy and me class for babies and toddlers.  So my sweeties got to participate by helping me make examples.  The "assignment" for the mommies was to come up with a word to maybe describe the day they first met their child.  We would do handprints or footprints on the pre-primed canvas and then add the cricuted letters and the birthdate on the canvas.  So this what we came up with.
On the day Lily was born, because her daddy is red-headed, everyone was curious to know what color her hair would be.  People were discussing it as if they had money on it.  But the sweetest answer came from one of my cousins.  Adam bet that it would be "golden".  And so it WAS.  She has proven to be a true treasure given from GOD to our family and so Golden perfectly describes her birthdate!
Sophie came into this world with such a regal attitude.  She looked at everyone as if to say "I am here and I know what I am here for.... to rule the roost."  She believes she is a true princess in every meaning of the word.  We know that she is God's Little princess and so we are gold and PINK through and through!

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