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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buttons, Bugs, Boards, Banana Pudding and a little Buttering Up!

I bought Sophie some little black and white skirted leggings from Target the other day so when I got home I was trying to find something she could wear with them.  She had this little pink tee so I bought these oversized buttons, stitched them on and Voila! and new top!  
Spreading like wildfire is the art class!
Today Lily participated in "Painting with the Teacher" at her school.  This activity was a reward for all students who had good behavior for 3 weeks straight.  They all had a blast and I got to help out since it was done after school!
Yet another project I am tackling.  Our church's nursery entry needed some sprucing up so my sweet aunt picked these bulletin boards up for me and now I am covering them.  When I am done, I will take some photographs of the children in our church and place them on the boards.  I will periodically switch these pics. out so the parents can take them home and new pics can be seen.  A few more things need to be done but I am excited to be part of this ministry.
Today was Sophie's Getting to Know You Bucket Day.  She brought her favorite books, movie, dolls, candy, and pictures.  She also brought one of her favorite snacks: Banana Pudding!  How convenient that it is Yellow, the color we are studying this week!  

And who said a little Buttering Up was ever wrong.  I made a sample mat and experimented with several kind of glue to see if there was anyway you could make these cute little mats without having to sew them.  But I think that sewing is the best way to do it.  Anyway, I did add a little extra touch by punching a scalloped edge with my Fiskars cutter.  I also put velcro on the edges of the ribbon to make it easier for our preschoolers to close them on their own.  We gave Mrs. Casey our first one and will give her another before we make more for Mommy's room and her other teacher friends!

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