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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our weekend visit with Daddy

The whole reason for going down south was to go see Scott for the weekend.  He had been sent to Banking School and gone for a week.  The girls were ready to see their daddy and I was ready to see my hubby.  During the weekend we brought the puppies because it was Daisy's birthday and we didn't want to leave her on her birthday.  So here is her annual pic in her birthday hat.

She looks happy doesn't she.  :)

We went to a local safari place too.  The girls loved it.

The giraffe was beautiful!!!

Sophie waved from afar.  She would not feed it.

But she would feed the goat and ponies.

The ponies were so tiny.

This is one of my favorite animals.  One of the most beautiful of God's creation, I think.

On the Safari, we fed a lot of camels,


and big deer looking things.

The best part about it though, was being with daddy!!!

Lily is holding on to her cup for dear life, because she had one snatched by an ostrich.

Look at the Zorse!  It was pretty.

Scott said it was all worth it just to see this bison.  He was HUGE!

And then the CRAWFISH BOIL!!!

Daddy T was happy.  

Our hosts: Heather and David, did the crawfish for us.  Heather and I are cousins.  We are very close and they were so sweet to host us this weekend.

Scott and I took this one before our date.  The other special thing about this weekend was that it was our 11 anniversary.  My mom and dad drove down to watch the girls for us so we could have a date.  Isn't that a blessing!  Yes my parents spoil me, I don't mind it.  :)  We went to a Japanese restaurant and had sushi and grill.  YUMMMM!  It's been a fabulous 11 years.  Looking forward to another 70.  :)

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  1. Cute pic of you & Scott!! I can say I have never in my life seen a Zorse! HA!!!!