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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our New Addition!

Sophie has been asking for her own puppy for a while now.  Even though we bought Daisy as our family dog, Lily considers her hers.  Sophie wanted a doggy that she didn't have to ask permission from Lily to hold it.  She was also very specific as to what kind of dog she wanted: "A BOW dog".  That is a dog that you can put bows in their hair.  I found one on ebaypets that met our budget.  So I got up early one morning while everyone was still asleep and drove to Texarkana to meet a lady that had these precious yorkie/bichon puppies for sale.

My mom and Aunt Lisa rode with me so I wouldn't get lost or taken by a crazy person that didn't really have doggies for sale. :)

When we got home, Sophie was up and watching tv in her room.  We put the puppy in a basket and left her at the door and rang the door bell.  We told Sophie someone was at the door and she says, "Well, go answer it."  We her she needed too, and she was like, "Why?"  Just go answer the door Sophie.  Anyway, when we finally got her to answer the door, she was in shock.  Very surprised.  So surprised that she basically picked her up, speechless, and walked back to her room, sat down holding puppy, and began watching tv again.  Very unexpected reaction.

So here they are!  Her name is Sleeping "Beauty" Spillers!

Beauty lets Sophie ride her in the doll carriage.

She lets Sophie hold her like a baby doll and put bows in her hair.

She sometimes sleeps at the foot of her bed.

Here is Sophie explaining that she has to go to Sunday School, but will be right back.
So cute!  So glad she loves her new puppy!!!!

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