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Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/14/11 a Newborn Christian! Lily Grace!

Little did we know that this little swimmer would ask Jesus into her heart just a couple of weeks later.  She has been sort of mulling over the thought of being saved for a little while now.  She would ask a few questions every now and then and then say ok when we answered.  All the while, we would reassure her that whenever she was ready that we would be here for her.  Then night before last, she wrote a little story about a Christmas Angel getting saved.  So I asked, "Are you thinking about getting saved at Christmas time?"  She said, "No, more like close to my birthday, that way I will remember my Christian birthday easily."  I say, "Well, Aunt Holli's birthday is tomorrow.  That would be an easy date to remember."  She says, I am gonna think about it."  Nothing else is said.  Then last night, before bed time, she comes to me and hugs me, looks up at me with that big bright sunshiney smile and says, "Momma, I think I am ready to say that prayer."  Oh the joy that entered my heart.  So I told her to go tell her daddy too.  Then, we tucked her into bed and she prayed her own little prayer.  She didn't even need us to prompt her or tell her what to say.  She had it all in her heart what she wanted to say.  WOW!  We were amazed.  What a wonderful moment, I will NEVER forget!  So thankful!!!!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Now I am gonna have to call her my SONSHINE!

Here she is with Embeth, having a little power snack of Nutella.

This picture was taken right after Lily fell while trying to get to the right side of the pool.  She was so brave even though her arm was hurting she still swam all of her races.

Off she goes!

Look at that BUTTERFLY!!!

Now were smiling!

I am loving watching my little girls grow.  They are such a joy and a gift! 

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  1. Your family is such a blessing and inspiration to me. I am so happy for Lily. She has such a wonderful spirit and she is going to be an amazing child of God. May God continue to bless your wonderful family. Love you all!