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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here we are at Midnight at Great Wolf Lodge!  There was a couple there that shared their sign and glasses and took this picture for us.  So nice to ring in the New Year with the kindness of strangers.

I wasn't sure about this place when we pulled up.  Uncle Buck looks kinda crazy.

But it was so nice inside and the food was fantastic, EVERY BIT OF IT!

It was still decorated for Christmas.

This one was so tired!!!

There is an app called ColorSplash that I have been playing with on our new iPad.  Pretty neat and easy!

Uncle Bucks had a brewery.  They make their own root beer, black cherry soda, and vanilla creme soda!  So we we took one of these home filled with Vanilla Creme Soda.  It was gone in less than 48 hours!

Found these for my mom!

My sweet friend Avery posted this on her instagram so I lifted it.  It's from  
So far I have done well keeping up with it.

Lily and I did this slide.

My little new year's kitty!

Sophie got a little garden cart for Christmas and she had loved "gardening".

Another app that I have had the most fun playing with on the iPad is called Snapseed.  It is really cool too!

This is Photo challenge 2 and 3.  Breakfast and something I adore.  Coffee and my Fleur de Lis mugs.

This was challenge 1: self portrait
I like my new cross necklace.

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