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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31, boredom busters, summer hair, and city meet

I hosted a 31 party back in June and this is all the stuff I got for being a hostess.  I love all my new stuff and have immediately put it all to work.  Can you believe that I want more, I am afraid I may need an intervention!!!

This is what my girls do when they are bored, give each other spa treatments and build things with boxes (31 boxes).

This is a fort that later turned into individual planes!

I saw this in another momma blog, the name escapes me, I have got to get better at remembering where I see things, but since my hair has grown out, I have had fun playing with the different ways I can put it up.

Here we are at City Meet again.  It's the end of the swim season and here  is my mom supporting as usual.

Chopping water like nobody's business!  

Go girl Go!!!

Asking for her time!

Sophie being a very sweet supportive sister!!!

Junior ray Addie is a regular little fish too!!!

Look at that effortless backstroke, which she took 5th in with about 100 swimmers!!! Way to go FLIPPER!!!

And here she goes in her new event of the season, butterfly which she placed 9th in out of about 40 swimmers.

I sure do love watching this girl swim!!!!  Hoping that Glenbrook has a team this fall so she can keep it up!!!

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