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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disney Princess' on Ice!

One of my girls' favorite things is ice skating!  
And Sophie's favorite is PRINCESS'!
So we surprised them with tickets to Princess' on Ice.
Look at Lily's face too, priceless, since she is the one that "doesn't like" princess'.
It thrilled us to see those faces so happy.  

 Tinkerbell glided around with glitter flying out of her wand EVERYWHERE she went.  My next project is to either find or create two of those for a surprise Christmas present.  Scott will LOVE that!
The Seven Dwarfs were too cute!

Belle is MY favorite princess.  She was the first SMART BRUNETTE princess you know.

                                                                  Lily is still Smiling!
                      The Grand Finale had fireworks.  Imagine that, Disney has to have fireworks!
I think the grandparents liked it too!

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