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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our paint brushes took a bath!

Well, we tried out our Creative Juices art yesterday.  Sophie did her abstract squares and circles painting and Lily painted her peace sign.  Lily really did a great job sort of figuring it out.  She is alot like me when it comes to wanting to do things on her own.  She took a little instruction from me here and there and Voila, it turned out perfect.  Sophie was a different story.  Which made me realize that I am really going to need mommy help in that 4-6 year old class.  I am reminded every year when school starts how 4 year olds are really still babies and they have to have EVERYthing broken down for them in steps.  The thing that I had to stress with Sophie was washing out her brush every time she wanted to change colors.  So in between washes, Sophie says, " Mommy, I am giving my paintbrush a bath!"  I love those moments and the little giggles that come after!  Priceless!!!!

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